Haitian Teenagers

Summer Camp is a highlight of the year for the Rescue One students. The children look forward to their time in a safe environment where they make new friendships and renew acquaintances with students from the programs of other Rescue One churches.

Planning for Summer Camp begins in the spring as a cooperative effort between the director in Haiti and members of the various church committees. Coordination is required to transport 80 students, provide good food, create an environment for spiritual growth, and produce an atmosphere of fun and relaxation.

At camp, each day brings new opportunities for growth and fun. The volunteer pastor chooses a spiritual theme for the week and there is Bible study and singing each day. Students learn what it means to be a follower of Christ. Discussions include suggestions about God’s will for their bodies and how they can use them to serve him. Students engage in handicraft activities, games and sports.

Some graduates of the program return to assist at camp. They serve as mentors to the younger children, showing them how they have used the opportunity for an education to have hope for a brighter future. They model how a young Christian acts and shows his/her commitment to Christ.

Haitian Girl PrayingThe children can share it best:

During the Bible Study, I learned how to manage my time, to have a goal, have a determination, have a dream and have faith in GOD. But more important for me is how to live a life like Jesus Christ.

This summer camp has been a real success for me. I have learned many things that changed my life. I learned how to live like my Savior Jesus. The pastor helped us to follow Jesus’ life from his birth to his death. Jesus is a man of integrity; He is honest and obedient, obedient until the death. He took the punishment in my place, just to save me. Sincerely the Bible study this year has a great impact in my life and it will continue to touch me. I could say the pastor through this Bible study session saved my life. Thank you for all.

At home I don't have a place to play like this. I made two more friends; they came from another church. We always play together. Also I like the songs, especially, Open the eyes of my Heart, Lord. Please always organize summer camp so I meet other children and have new friends.

The Rescue One children say “Thank you” to our donors who make this camp experience possible.