Denise is 9 years old and began with the Rescue One program in 2012. She lives with her father and younger brother in a one-room house built by the church which supports her in the Rescue One program. When her mother died of anemia, the Rescue One coordinator helped her deal with her grief.

Because her father must leave early each morning to look for work in the streets so that he can purchase food for the day, Denise has been forced to grow up quickly. Neighbors sometimes help Denise, and an older Rescue One student combs Denise’s hair before school. At school she is a high achiever.

Denise attends church and Sunday School and has taken part in the Christmas drama portraying the birth of Christ which was produced by the children and the coordinator.

Your gifts to the Rescue One program will help us to continue to provide an education and a Christian influence for these children and others like them whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

*The name of the student has been changed to protect her identity.