Leona is a joyful young girl, rich in potential. She was recruited in 2005 when her parents had no money to send her to school. At that time, her father was making $60 per month and the money was needed to sustain Leona, her mother, father, sister, two brothers and a cousin. After the earthquake the family lived in a tent.

Leona’s father became ill, was hospitalized and died. Leona was devastated by the loss of a father whom she loved. She grieved for him. After a time, she returned to school.

She is a brilliant student and while in school received excellent scores. Currently she is receiving support from a personal sponsor to continue in college. She returns to summer camp to serve as a spiritual and academic role model for the younger students.

Rescue One is very proud of Leona and eagerly anticipates how the Lord will use her in his kingdom in Haiti.

*The name of the student has been changed to protect her identity.